“Ame ou Se Mande”, is Jussara Silveira’s sixth album, that Jóia Moderna, Zé Pedro’s label, is launching in early October. Done in partnership with Sacha Amback and Marcelo Costa, the CD features compositions by Celso Fonseca and Ronaldo Bastos (A Voz do Coração), Cezar Mendes and Capinam (IFA), André Carvalho and Quinho (Bom), Toni Costa and Luiz Ariston (O Dia Que Passou), Roberto Mendes and J. Velloso (Doce Esperança) and a Fernando Pessoa poem set to music by Zé Miguel Wisnik (Tenho Dó das Estrelas).
Another highlight are the recordings of Babylon (Zeca Baleiro), Contato Imediato (Arnaldo Antunes / Charlie Brown / Marisa Monte), Dê Um Rolê (Moraes Moreira / Luiz Galvao), Marcianita (Imperatore Joseph Marcone / Galvarino Villota Alderete) and MadreDeus ( Caetano Veloso).
The CD comes four years after the release of "Nobreza" (in partnership with Luiz Brazil) and "Entre o Amor e o Mar," side projects such as the DVD "Três Garotas do Brazil," recorded with Rita Ribeiro and Teresa Cristina, the show "Viagens de Verão" with André Mehmari and Arthur Nestrovski, with a repertory that ranged from Schubert to Dorival Caymmi Since her last CD she also collaborated with Zé Miguel Wisnik and Carlos Nunes on the soundtrack of Grupo Corpo’s dance performance "Sem Mim".
"The sound has radically changed. After years of having the guitar as my great companion, I invited Sasha (piano / keyboard) and Marcelo Costa (percussion), to work with me and I am very happy with the results. For me this collaboration has worked brilliantly,"adds Jussara.
"Ame ou Se Mande” was recorded in May this year at Zega Studios, Zega Music and Yahoo / BR Plus, in Rio de Janeiro. Directed by Sacha Amback and Marcelo Costa. National distribution by Tratore.

"After Four Years of Silence, the Star Singer of the Bahian Label Maianga Releases her First Partnership with the Producer Chico Neves (Lenine, O Rappa, Skank, Paralamas Do Successo). This Album Gives a Voice to Emerging Composers and Explores Little Known Pieces by Veterans Such as Chico Buarque, Jorge Ben Jor, and Tom Zé. Even So, in Essence What Emerges from this Album is the Voice of Jussara Silveira, a Refined Interpreter of Popular Music." - [ editorial reviews ]

"This opening album by Jussara Silveira was deservingly awarded with the Prêmio Copene de Cultura E Arte. The excellent choice of repertoire is the first promise, fulfilled by Jussara's competent delivery. Jussara's authoritative singing (betraying Gal Costa influences) fits quite well in classics like Batatinha's delicate samba "Espera" or in Chico Buarque's poetic "Ludo Real." Other composers included here are Luiz Melodia, José Miguel Wisnik, Tuzé de Abreu, and Caetano Veloso, along with unknown but highly expressive values. The arrangements propose modernity through a sensitive approach that privileges acoustic renditions where the strength of the Brazilian grooves is at the heart of the general conception (even if Jean-Luc Ponty speaks through Edith Maretzki's violin). A great revelation." - Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

"This is one of the relatively few releases today that doesn't appeal to easy commercial clichés, reaching considerable depth in the interpretation of some of the best Brazilian classics. Faithful to Brazilian tradition, Jussara Silveira stuck to acoustic renditions of Dorival Caymmi's songs without being excessively reverent; the modern arrangements extend the tradition with better harmonies, reaching the original intentions of the genial composer, who, since early age, had a keen ear for chords, even if his poor musical background didn't provide for a full harmony understanding, which he had to try to compensate with his intuition." - Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

"Jussara, backed by some of the best musicians in Brazil, decided to balance some of the most widely known Caymmi's hits on this album ("Nem Eu," "Maracangalha," "Você Não Sabe Amar," "Quem Vem Pra Beira Do Mar," "Saudade de Itapoã") with less successful compositions, but which also had superior musical qualities, like the haunting, mysterious "O Vento." The inlay has all Portuguese lyrics." - Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide

"A partir de l'idée d'un concert (enregistré en CD et DVD), les trois chanteuses, originaires de régions différentes (Rio,Bahia et Maranhão) parient sur la diversité dans la musique brésilienne. Jussara Silveira (MPB plus sophistiquée),Rita Ribeiro (Musique Populaire régionale) et Teresa Cristina (Samba de racine) incarnent les convergences et divergences de la musique brésilienne. Le trio se balade entre samba et forro ; entre Luiz Gonzaga et Paulinho da Viola, en n'oubliant pas de rendre hommage au groupe Tincoãs (musique afro brésilienne des années 70) et au Trio Nordestino. " Três meninas do Brasil " s'est inspirée d'une jolie composition homonyme de Moraes Moreira." - Divergence FM, 93,9 FM Montpellier

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